Sexual satisfaction and sexual wellbeing is crucial to improving the quality of your life and the health of your relationship. But have you ever wondered why that is? After all, sex is just another normal bodily function meant to ensure survival of the species.

It is because humans are complex beings, driven by responses. Their sexual experience plays a great role in determining their views about sexuality, relationships and even their own body.

How to Improve Your Sex-Life?

Sexual satisfaction is indeed, a subjective term, everyone has their own definition of it. However, if you or your partner are generally not too thrilled about your sex life, that is more than enough reason to look into improving it.

You can find numerous articles online about how to improve your sex life, although almost all of which involve amping it up through external means. Spicing things up in the bedroom, trying new positions/toys, lubrications, cosplay, foreplay, maintaining a physical connection. However, not many are able to address the underlying problem which is perhaps the biggest obstacle in achieving a healthy sex life. Your internal health.

According to a study, men and women with anxiety, depression or other common mental and physical issues reported a significantly lower sexual satisfaction rate than adults in better health. There was a two-fold increase in sexual problems pertaining to arousal, orgasm and desire in women with depression (especially younger women) and men with anxiety (especially younger men).

So yes, this aspect of the story cannot be ignored. Yes, your sexual life goes hand in hand with your overall general health, a better sex life generally means better health, but it also works vice versa.

So what to do?

CBD: Your One-Stop Solution to everything Health- Including Sexual Health!

CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a compound or cannabinoid extracted from the Cannabis Sativa species.

CBD is a non-psychoactive, non-addictive Cannabis compound that reacts with the EndoCannabinoid System (ECS) in human beings to exhibit effects. The ECS is a fully developed and functional bodily system found in all mammals that controls critical body functions, irrespective of the fact whether the body has ever been exposed to Cannabis or not.

CBD, which has been around for centuries, was “officially” discovered during WWII, and has been vigorously studied since then.

These last few years have really pushed CBD into the limelight as studies and testimonials confirm CBD benefits for the body and mind. CBD is now being used for:

–          Immunity Build-up

–          Mood and Productivity Improvement

–          Appetite Stimulation

–          Body system (including sleep and digestion) Regulation

–          Pain and Inflammation Reduction

–          Strengthening of hair, nails and skin

–          Treating anxiety and depression

–          Rare epilepsy conditions in children (Yes, as approved medicine!)

–          Pet Health

Among being studied for other diseases such cancer, Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s disease and other skin, eye, heart and gastrointestinal diseases.

As a result, a new CBD industry has emerged which is currently worth almost $1 Billion and can be expected to grow to $20-$25 Billion by 2025.

Intrigued about how CBD can improve your sex life? Read on!

CBD and sex-products:

CBD, the current hot-favourite miracle-worker, which is available in gummies, lotions, oils, balms, bath bombs forms has slowly made its way into your bedroom. You can now find CBD infused- lubricants and CBD libido boosting gels, capsules among other products.

But wait, doesn’t Cannabis use decrease libido in the long term?

Yes it does, but only chronic hash, marijuana or reefer use does that. There is a key difference between CBD and Marijuana, CBD is extracted from Hemp, which is completely different from marijuana or hashish because it is naturally low in THC content (the psychoactive substance in marijuana). CBD, when taken in a controlled dose does not have any such effects; however, more research on the subject is still needed.

How does CBD work with anxiety?

CBD sex-products work by reducing anxiety, calming your muscles and uplifting your mood for an overall increased libido and better sexual experience. A lot of people experience anxiety about their sexual performance, their looks and the notion of having sex (especially) with whom they’re attracted to, or love; decreasing their libido and desire for sex. CBD puts you in a calmer mood, helping you take better control over your nerves. You can then enjoy the whole experience instead of fretting about it.

CBD for Erectile Dysfunction:

CBD is being studied to improve sexual performance and ejaculatory issues, although how it does it, is not fully understood. Scientists believe that CBD helps relax blood vessels and promotes blood flow towards the penis.

CBD to improve dry/painful sex:

CBD, being a natural anti-inflammatory substance, when added to lubricants can help women who experience pain during or after sex due to inflamed vaginal openings and vaginal canal walls.

CBD for arousal:

Remember we mentioned the ECS system earlier on? Well Cannabinoid receptors are not just present in the brain, but in the reproductive organs as well. CBD interacts with the ECS receptors in the genitals to increase blood flow to the genital tissues, increasing sensitivity, thus inducing arousal and enhancing orgasms, especially for women.

CBD and Viagra:

Exciting combination right? It indeed is. Even though some people believe that there is no harm in trying this out, research on individuals who’ve used Cannabis and Viagra together is not so encouraging.

Yes, CBD is different but it is true that CBD reacts with a few medications including antidepressants, blood thinners, Blood Pressure medicines, antipsychotics and some others so it is highly recommended that you always seek expert advice on starting CBD if you’re already on medication for your medical condition.

Parting Words:

According to a survey conducted by Remedy Review, 64% of the people who used CBD for sexual purposes said that CBD indeed, improved their sexual experience. But you need to understand that CBD works differently for different problems and different bodies. Try experimenting with the dosage, keep an eye out for what you’re consuming throughout the day and use CBD at least an hour before intercourse to ensure maximum results. Best of luck!

(Top 5 Key Pointers:

1.     Sexual satisfaction and sexual wellbeing is crucial to improving the quality of your life and the health of your relationship.

2.     Your mental and physical health greatly affect your sexual satisfaction and your desire for sex.

3.     CBD takes care of your internal issues such as depression, anxiety, stress and mood to enhance the sexual experience for you.

4.     CBD is also a natural analgesic and anti-inflammatory substance that calms down vaginal opening/canal wall swelling and relieves pain during sex for women and increases blood flow to the penis for men with erectile dysfunction or related problems.

5.     Although CBD and Viagra are an exciting combination, we would not recommend you use them together as CBD reacts negatively with a few chemicals and medications and results of people who’ve used them together have not been encouraging. 



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